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Kamio Haruko

Japanese Name: Kamio Haruko
Japanese Voice Actor: Hisakawa Aya

Motorcycle-riding Haruko is Misuzu's surrogate mother - she's actually Misuzu's aunt, but when Misuzu was a baby Haruko's older sister and her husband forced the child on her, not wanting to bring up such a "strange" child. Misuzu considers Haruko her mother. Haruko has never given Misuzu the love and attention she needs, not wanting to love the girl because she knows that, at any time, the Tachibanas (Misuzu's parents) could take her back - this is why she never gave Misuzu any presents. Haruko shows an uncommon interest in Yukito - she doesn't have much opportunity for close human contact, since no one wants to get involved with someone who has a young child to look after. Haruko tries to give Misuzu a toy dinosaur as a birthday gift, but can't bring herself to, and flings it away. Haruko leaves home to pursue her own interests, but is berated by Yukito for not caring enough about Misuzu, and returns when she realises how much she loves Misuzu. Through Misuzu's paralysis and loss of memory, she is constantly by her side, and borrows a wheelchair so that Misuzu can go out. When Keisuke returns and gives Haruko three days to spend with Misuzu, Haruko takes Misuzu to the beach, as she had always wanted. At the end of the three days, Misuzu remembers Haruko as her mother, and wants to stay with her. Haruko is constantly with Misuzu until she dies.


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