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Tohno Minagi

Japanese Name: Tohno Minagi
Japanese Voice Actor: Yuzuki Ryoka

Minagi is a quiet and serene presence among the girls of Air. She's intelligent and is the president of the school's Astronomy Club; she's also its only member. Minagi spends a lot of time sitting at the empty railway station, often blowing bubbles to entertain her best friend Michiru (who's her complete opposite). Minagi spends as much time away from home as she can - her mother lost a younger daughter, who would have been named Michiru, and has completely forgotten about Minagi. In fact, she believes that Minagi is Michiru. Minagi's mother eventually remembers that Minagi exists, and they start to know each other. After this, Minagi leaves town on her own journey of... oh, I don't know. Self-enlightenment or something. o_O


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