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Kasumi / Misty

English Name: Misty
Japanese Name: Kasumi
English Voice Actor: ??
Japanese Voice Actor: ??
Age: 12
Seasons: All
Water Pokémon Trainer

Misty is hot-headed and rarely thinks before yelling at everyone, which means she gets on really well with Ash. Not XD. Misty is the youngest by far of four sisters (the others are Lily, Daisy and Violet), who run the Cerulean City Gym. Misty loves Water-type Pokémon, and she's probably the strongest trainer of the sisters; her goal is to become a Water Pokémon Master. Misty started hanging around with Ash because he broke her bike and she wants a new one, but eventually that's just an excuse because she really likes travelling with the gang XD. In the dub version, Misty also gets a crush on Ash o_O.

Misty's Pokémon include Goldeen, Staryu, Starmie, Poliwag (which evolves into Poliwhirl and then into Politoed), Psyduck, Horsea (left with her sisters at the Cerulean Gym), Corsola and her favourite, the baby eggshell Pokémon Togepi.


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